best stupid thing I've done.

I have grey hair. Lots of it. A noticable amount. Take a look. Can't you see it?

Because I dyed it this morning. By myself, with the kids hanging out in the bathroom, with a store bought dye.
I've been told that's bad for my hair...store bought dye. But I can't get myself to pay $60 for a salon color every 2-3 months. You can buy a lot of oreos with that kind of money.
Is that stupid? Not oreos, duh. To dye your own hair?
You bet. $11.73 and no more grey hair worth of stupid.
And a nice shine to boot.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, good. I thought I was the only one getting so much gray even my dad noticed (he never notices anything like that). You've inspired me. I think I'll try something new...maybe...if I get brave enough...

wendy said...

I am sure Emma would scold you - - too bad she didn't live close as she would love to keep you beautifull - - but HEY, you look great and Oreos have to be considered. love ya

corrie said...

You're eye looks awesome in the photo. And you're hair looks rockin'!

ShEiLa said...

You are not old enough to have gray hair... what? not from your age huh... it must be the kids that did it to ya. Ü
I use Nice & Easy 117... if it's bad for my hair my hair doesn't know it. I have done my own color for about 10 years... and not salon stylist has ever told me that my hair is suffering or dry or anything. Enjoy the boost that it will give you! I know I do.
toodles, Sheila
ps. my friend Tracy is so excited about her new bag... and she was carrying a Dooney & Burke today... I have never had one of those, but I am proud to say I have a Calico Creation.

AMBER said...

Very fun I have no grey hair that I am aware of only because I have been getting my hair done for years. I use to do it myself but alas now I have a good friend who is a stylist so I get it salon done for free YEAH for friends and pampering ones self. We really do deserve a BOOST every once in a while!!

Natalie said...

I change my hair color very often...from black to platinum blond. It just makes me happy to do it. And I generally can't wait for an appt...when I get the itch I want it done NOW, so I do the box stuff too and it puts a smile back on my face and makes me feel pretty again. I wish I lived by my sis, Mandy. She's a stylist now and she's very good too.

Mandy Stewart said...

My first dye job was in your house in Ohio. I have been coloring my hair ever since. And I don't think box colors are bad. Sometimes it is just easy to mess up the hair and then it is mucho expensive to fix. BUT yours looked great! I miss ya and am sooo glad Natty found you. I e-mail Cassy, but did not get a response so maybe it was an old address. Tell her to write!