decor8 roomboard contest

That I'm not going to enter anymore.

I've decided the world of fashion and design is a great big foreign country to me. I can't look beyond Target and Pottery Barn.

Darlyn and Merrilee inspired me to expand some of my pretend shopping likes into an actual idea board, and what better contest than an Amy Butler one. But I can't figure out how to get all these ideas and cool stuff into a board. All these people have Apple computers. That's all I can sumise. surmise.

But I wanted to save my ideas for when we build our house, so here's my Mud RooM. Try to visualize.

Yeah, that's a drinking fountain. Sweet. And outlets above the shelf to plug in battery chargers, etc. And fabric covered corkboards. I forgot to draw the magazine rack for kids school papers and library books. And the quiet children. Home sweet clean mud room. I'm not an artist, pretend the drawing looks cool.

this is a mirror.


mer said...

Cally, this is awesome. I don't think it's mac computers so much as photoshop. I'll totally put together as a board for you if you like. Daryllyn actually cut hers out and pasted it and then scanned it in the computer...so there is always that option. Anyway, I don't want your awesome idea to go unseen so come on over and we can put it together the way you want.

wendy said...

Hey on the mirror one - - I took grandma Wrigts old window frame (years ago) that was in the upstairs window and saved it - - I AM going to sand it, antique it a bit and use it as a towel holder in my downstairs bathroom - - it will be sooooo cool. I will put an antique hook on the bottom of the window frame..........

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

I would love to have a mud room like that! And your drawing is great--enter that contest!!

D-lyn said...

I love this!!!
I wish my mud room was cute (and clean) too! Wasn't it so much fun to make up a room design!
i love your look!