A Story for Grandpa Devon

Once Upon A Time
there lived a boy named Devon.

She told him he could never save the world.
Unless he found Canada
& saved Queen L. Year.

Okay. Devon thought.
And off he went.
Then his cell phone rang...

Devon began to...

Devon said,
"A dragon is going to eat me,
The Old Man gave him a
magic yellow flute.

Then Devon smelled something stinky.

Devon played his yellow flute.

Devon ran and ran towards
what he thought was Canada,
and ran right into

The Sorcerer...Knight of the Great White North.

What tried to gobble Devon up,
so he threw his rolling pin at him,
but missed and hit him in the eye.

just then...
SCREAM woke up
and ate What.
at half past twelve.

So Devon really did save the world,
when he was a Dad.

We love you.
Happy Father's Day.


Yo Mama said...

So creative!! i love it. Did the kids help make up the story?

ShEiLa said...

well illustrated.
amazing cast.
happy fathers day...
to all dads everywhere!
toodles, Sheila

cally said...

OH, the kids wrote the whole thing. They wrote a basic story line, then played dress up for hours while I took pictures; then they came up with a more intriguing plot as they saw themselves on the big screen.

It was really fun.

I love my dad.

Natalie said...

You are the coolest mom ever!

I love my dad too.

And I remember that yours is great too so tell him hi for me.

Elizabeth said...

Is this THE McDMT we're talking about here?!?! Love him!

Cherstin said...

THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! your children were amazing. I remember you being real creative like that. So fun to see it in your children. Very cute family. I also remember your Dad. One of the only fathers of my friends that didn't scare me. He is great. Happy fathers day!
Good job Calico clan!

Becky said...

Trent and I were rolling on the floor in laughter. That was great. Wonderful gift for Father's day.

Unknown said...

Wow. Someone has had a lot more time on her hands that I have. I thought that you were supposed to be busy sewing...not making up a whole new art form. The dramatic production in muti-media/photography/blogging.

Man, I hope that my kids turn out smarter, prettier, or more spiritual than yours because they are never going to win the creativity trophy if they have to go up against yours. :)

Loved it!

D-lyn said...

this is so darling you should put it in a real book like you can buy from shutterfly or any of those photo people!
Too darling for words!!!

Rita said...

Bravo Cally & company -- you all are amazing! What a wonderful story!! I bet it was your dad/grandpa's favorite Father's Day gift! :)

Katy Beth said...

So cute!! I love it!!