The reason for our visit. My brother is graduating from NYU
with a Masters in Theater so we went to see his last play.

Grimaldi's with the Manhattan Bridge in the background.
Pres. Obama was in Manhattan that day so we ate pizza and
watched helicopters and police boats surround the
Brooklyn Bridge as he crossed it.
We think.
It was either him or Peyton Manning.
{It was draft week at Radio City.}

Purple dress with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.


oh my goodness.
No, it's not just a waffle.
This is a Liege,
the best thing I ate,
from this place:

A whole stack of Liberty of London at Purl Soho.
I wanted to cry.

This is my favorite subway shot.
No, I think it's this one:
she's pregnant.

I didn't take a lot of pictures this time.
I wish I had.

We went to Mesa Grill the first night
and saw Bobby Flay.
Oh yes, in real life.
We watched him come in and out of the kitchen all night.
And my sister Cassy went and stood
in front of the glass wall to the kitchen
with a huge Tennessee grin
until he looked up,
and she did a big thumbs up
so he came out and shook her hand.
It pays to be bold.
I didn't even get a picture.

Note: next time you're in New York, Cally,
take pictures,
and don't leave your family
alone with the box of donuts
you've been dreaming of eating
from the Donut Plant
while you go in for more
creme brulee's.
I harbor no hard feelings.
And bother famous people.
And take tissues to Wicked.
{I balled like a baby.}
And don't try a balancing act on the subway.
no further explanation needed.

I love NY.


Emma said...

So glad you had a good time!!! WHAT Cassy is prego????? yah for her!!!

Hope to see you all soon.

mandi said...

hold up...i thought i was supposed to go with you next time. remember? cupcakes in the street?

any-hoo, even if i couldn't be there, looks (and sounds) like you guys had lots of fun! i want to see wicked so bad! i think it's coming to tx.

wow- this ended up really being about me. sorry.

i've missed you in this space! glad you're back!

Jessica - One Shiny Star said...

Love you pictures, and it looks like a fun trip!

Donna said...

AHHH! I can't believe I didn't see you! Boo hiss!

Natalie said...

So glad your family was able to all be together. That sounds amazing! Was it your first time to see Wicked? I saw it her in Atlanta...I wonder if the NY version is miles better...hmm...

mindy said...

isn't liberty for london AMAZING? i love their stuff at target! but all i have is a swimsuit! :)

oh wicked was incredible. i loved it.

looks like you had a fun triP!

juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

been missing your posts...but with a good reason. I love NYC too.

Lindsey Rose said...

Looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to go to NY. and no sweat on the carseat cover, if you cant do it just let me know! :)

Alissa Nicolau said...

We used to skip out of Church early for those waffles... shhh!

Sharstin said...

how i adore NYC~ it looks like you had such a fun trip! and I am with you--the food is A-Mazing!! sorry about the doughnuts~

Anna said...

cool trip! I'm a tinge jealous. :) the food looks amazing, liberty fabric looks dreamy. and is that you by the blue door, fabulous!

corrie said...

"Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?" What movie?

The donut thing was horrible. I still feel grossly horrible about that. terrible.

And yeah. Keep your feet planted on the subway. And hold on tight. always.

Amanda said...

I'm so jealous that you got to go to Purl Soho! I would probably take tissues (and lots of cash) if I ever went! Fun times.

TheFamousStacie said...

I feel your tears! I had to get a suitcase to carry home all the fabric I picked up in France!

wendy said...

Next time Jackee goes to NYC ---I AM GOING TOO!
THE PHOTOS WERE FUN...not enough.
way to go JD

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

First: you know JD will always be pre-pubescant in my mind. A masters?! Crazy!

Second: you look H-O-T in that shot.

Third: Woohoo to Cassypants! And good luck to her--wish I could come watch her kidlets so she could kick it in bed!