Ashby Fundraiser TODAY.

Mr. Ashby was in an ATV accident two weeks ago and has been left paralyzed.

He has four children.

My friend Elisha has taken part in organizing a number of fundraisers

for the Ashby's to help with the million dollar medical bills

and with the renovations needed for their home to be wheelchair accessible.

These two bags:

are being sold


today, Monday May 3

along with some other great stuff

to assist the Ashby family.

Go check everything out, and help if you can.

Thanks, Elisha!


Unknown said...

Hit the big time up there with Shabby Apple. Awesome.

Unknown said...

I wonder how much someone is gonna pay..I predict it's gonna be A LOT!

wendy said...

Stuff like that just makes me sooooo sad
soooo sad