sometimes you miss noodles.


I've been out of town; in NYC.

being away makes you realize how happy you are to come home.

eating in New York makes you realize how boring your food is.

subways make you realize how clean your house is.

i sure love home.

I sure love cute noodles.


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

One day I am going to have a brother giving me an excuse to go to NYC. Or maybe I'll just borrow yours. I'm with ya on the noodles though--bet it's great to be home!

Rileigh said...

here here! on all accounts, but New York has magic!

Alissa Nicolau said...

New York has me!

Jill said...

ahhh- "no place like home!" but New York is mighty special/fun too!
Welcome home!

corrie said...

I've been starving since I got home from NYC. There is nothing in my pantry or fridge that I want to even waste my time on. I am crazy HUNGRY!

Devon said...

I think the reason everyone had so much fun was because if they wanted something, they just got it, and DMcT paid, so it was way fun. It was really a food trip with the routes plotted between food stops and non-food stuff like the Brooklyn Bridge was just there in front of us while we ate pizza we had just picked up. And Cally was so sad when the animals ate her creme brulle (?) donut, so I went in and bought her 2 other kinds, and they were good.

DMcT said...

Poor Cassy, being sick and all. I saw the bag out a couple times, but she never made a sound if she barfed. Great restraint. But she still ate a lot. Shari bought me a "Wicked" hat, which is great. I thank you, Shari. Cally was basically the tour leader as she planned the days and did a darned good job of it, too. I miss all my kids. Thanks for coming.