I didn't mean to have a bag thing.

It just kinda happened.

And I was kinda in denial...like, I know I make them all the time; and I get sad when a beauty pops into my head and I can't corral the do list enough to make it; and I stare at people's handbags, rather embarrasingly; but I never thought I really had a thing. You know?

But then I saw this on mermag.

And my heart did this flutter thing.
I totally wasn't prepared.

So I followed the link to madebyhank.
And I definitely have a bag thing.

I got cotton mouth and started to sweat.
I love these bags.

Conan is preparing tonight for a big training meeting tomorrow so I bought myself a 75% off box of chocolates to cuddle up with while I watch the last two recorded episodes of LOST. I was looking forward to speculating and Dark Butter Caramel, but instead, I can't stop looking at bags.

It's definitely a thing when it interferes with priorities.



wendy said...

Those are super duper cute. I loved the brown ones with the pink scrunchies on it. I DO love the variety of bags....but don't really like moving all my stuff from one bag to another.

mer said...

yeah, they had me at bunched/ruffly fabric

mandi said...

the bottom one is amazing! i mean, i really don't have a bag thing (i've been carrying the same purse for 2 years now), but that bunchy, gauzy, fabric bag made me starry eyed. thanks for the link!

ShEiLa said...


new ideas.
oh yeah, you have a thing.
but if i had your talent...
so would i.

does this make you a [bag] lady?


i love bags. wish i had the money to buy them everytime i saw an [i gotta have it].

corrie said...

I LOVE that button one. His picture of it with the books in the pocket on the back did it for me. I wish it was for sale. Did you check out his Etsy site? That's how you should do your thing.

Small House said...

I love bags. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE...
The bottom bag is great!
Have a good day.

Donna said...

I need to get to know Hank. Did you watch the Lost episodes? This past week was freaking A-MAZING!!!

cally said...

oh. my. goodness Donna. I did indeed watch the LOST episodes and couldn't sleep all weekend.

I've got a LOST thing too.

Obsession is a bad thing.

cally said...

Hey Corrie...Hank's a chick. Her name's Katie.

Her etsy store has a few clutches that are awesome. I don't know how to get a bag.

Katy Beth said...

I love. Not as much as I love yours. But I do love. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

How unfair to tease us this way. No bags for sale, only little pouches. And, no custom orders being taken. Sigh...
However, I love her stuff! Especially the second bag from the bottom.

Jennifer said...

I loved this, too. This technique is called furrowing. Here is the link to the how-to... http://www.instructables.com/id/Sewing_Embellishment_Technique_Furrowing/
Great job on your creations!
Jen Pohm (aka Jen May)