If you don't understand the first sentence of this post...skip it. No offense. You'll thank me.

Remember the shock when the camera zoomed up the hatch after the guy put on the record and gave himself a shot in the arm with the tranquilizer gun thing, and you realized there was a dude with orange juice on the island? I screamed into my pillow. And someone's having a book club while Ethan fixes her air-conditioning...ON the ISLAND!

And Charlie. Sweet Charlie.

Oh, the good ole' days.

Well, no use dwelling on the past. Moving on...

I think Charles Whidmore is Penny and Desmond's son. For real guys. So Ben tries to kill Penny, Desmond beats him up, Ben escapes, and Desmond goes to Eloise. He gets his family to the island to save Penny's life....but gets there a LONG time ago. Richard finds their son Charlie and thinks he's their "special" leader. So he grows up on the island. Turns out he's not special.

And when does Locke actually return to the island after turning the wheel? Maybe a LONG time ago. So he could be responsible for a lot of stuff off of the island before they even get there in the first place?

And Rose is a "time traveler" like Desmond because they were both exposed to a lot of radiation (her chemo) which is why she knows so much.

And the guy who talks to dead people is the Dharma guys son, and he grew up on the island with Charlotte. Which is why he has nose bleeds, too. But he and Charlotte never met because Whidmore made sure they didn't because he didn't want them to recognize eachother when they teamed up.

And Frank the pilot has something serious to do with it all. I'm pretty sure.

And remember the "Economist"? The boss of Syid's red-head girlfriend who ends up shooting him for a name? Her boss doesn't like technology. Like Jacob (he freaked out over JOhn's flashlight). And like Locke. Hmmm. Maybe Locke was the Economist.

And Kate is pregnant with Jack's baby. To immitate Claire on the first flight.

And Charlie visited Hugo. And Whidmore set up Syid's arrest, with a twist I can't figure out because he's not surprised to see everyone on the plane. And Claire came for Aaron. Or something like that.


This was a compilation of sleeplessness and online theories that have been plaguing me this weekend.

I feel much better.

And Richard Alpert was on the Black Rock.


ShEiLa said...

just thought you should know.

i was here.

i skipped it.



corrie said...

Yuh huh.
I've got some who's who to go catch up on. I love the show, but for the life of me can't remember who some of these people are. Rose and her husband are still on the island right?

Donna said...

I think the same thing about that Asian guy being that Dharma guys son! He kinda looks like him too. I didn't make the connection with Desmond and Penny, but that makes sense now. I mean why Widmore was so adamant about keeping them apart. What about Richard Alpert? Why does he never age, why is he so creepy, and why are is eyebrows so darn perfect??!?! Speaking of creepy Daniel Fairday???????? Do you think he knows he was on the island before?

Becky said...

I'm watching season 5 while catching up on season 3...I can't figure out what's going on!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

ah. love it!
so many scenarios :)
i think kate is pregant too!!
i just want to see charlie and claire again... i miss them.

Sarahie said...

Cally: Jeigh showed me your blog and I love it! I hope you don't mind if I add it to my favorites list. This post alone makes me think we should be friends! Great theories. I think you may be right on for most of them...hmmm

Emily said...

Okay, I NEVER thought about the "charlie" being actual widmore a LONG time ago and they are all caught in a time circle...
So, Penny gave birth to her own dad? Named him Charlie after rockstar Charlie but he is in acutality Widmore.
I have to chew on that for a few, its almost a little Jerry Springer for me (I love you Uncle Dad!) but I think you just may be onto something.
Cally, I love you, you are an evil genious in the BEST way!

Jessica said...

I so think Richard was a pirate too! Also, I like the Charles/Penny/Desmond idea.... it starts again so soon!!!