My sister had the cutest birds in her kitchen this weekend. She found them here...at Elephannie. The coolest vinyl wall art, and it's affordable.

I pretend bought way too much yesterday; I'm just trying to find the strong, confident, decisive-ness hidden in my soul before I for real buy the right ones. You have to be very selective. You can't have a chicken and a swallow resting on every household prepicife. That's totally not the word. Uh...hold on...precipice. There you go. Thank you dictionary.com.

So many fowls...so little wall space.


Becky said...

One day, when I have a house--or something similar--I want these. I love the chicken. I really do. I want a country-themed kitchen and there will be a chicken laying an egg on my wall!

corrie said...

I like the chicken, but the egg...It's just a little poopy.
Still looking for a duck.