The Grosgrain Lady is Genius.

You probably know her. She's been around the blogosphere lately. And I think she's a genius. Her name is Kathleen Dougherty. The site is called Grosgrain.

Do you want your blog to reach super-stardom? Make some seriously awesome clothes, and give them away.

That simple, right? Yeah, dude. If you can make gorgeous clothing and take beautiful pictures of them with all that time you have.

I heard of her on DesignMom, forgot about it, then followed the link from Lori, and here she is. All up in my life and cool and stuff.

How does one make clothing like that? I'd like to learn


Sharstin said...

I love this blog too--she makes some great things!! and so do you! love your stuff :)PS Thanks for your comments--you are so sweet

ShEiLa said...

i loved this site Miss Cally... thanks for the link.
i love that she does 'theme based' creations & combines it with her photography.
you my dear could do anything you set your mind to.