sandi henderson

I have discovered Sandi Henderson, by accident this week, and I can't stop. Her blog, Portabellopixie, is so beautiful to look at, and so many places for my eyes, and imagination, to rest. Her collection of fabulous fabric is called Ginger Blossom, and I am trying desperately to justify a good ole' loan from my friend Mr. Discover for a sweet dip in the Blossom pond, but I cannot. I'll just have to wait for good fortune (or to sell some toys) to make something vibrant and lovely with this.

She just wanted to design fabric, so she did. Ambition baby. I can dream now, and research, and sketch, and dream, and marvel in the success of other talented women. I have a new ambition, not just to sell stuff, or to learn to play the fiddle, or to win American Idol, but to design a line of fabric. A dream it is. But I can work for it, and try. Later. Now I've got to change a poopy.

I knew I loved this lady when I saw The Weepies on her playlist. Mmm.

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Unknown said...

Yes, I like this fabric...will I ever use it or have an ambition to design it...no...but I do like the pics. And, I hope you good fortune.