the homemade gift girl

Dani has two birthday parties tomorrow, for Rochelle and Mikayla. We went shopping for birthday gifts this week, and I suggested just making them something; she says..."I guess I'm okay being the homemade gift girl." Hmmm. I'm not sure if that's good, but she was excited about what we came up with. A bag, big surprise. I think they're way cute. We'll fill 'em with candy or something, so she'll be the homemade gift girl who gives big bags of candy. That'll sweeten up the stereotype a bit.

I think I'll call these alphabet soup. And charge, um, 50 million. Right after Paula Abdul tells me I look lovely and I have a lot of textures. And after Amy Butler calls. And I get a $2000 sewing machine.
Let's dream, shall we?
We'll stick with homemade birthday gifts.


The Coatney's said...

Don't feel obligated to comment. I'm fine with my no-comment friends. If the guilt factor didn't weigh in I might just be a no-commenter myself!

I LOVE these bags! We're they difficult? I really want to make these scripture size for my beehives. Wouldn't that be awesome?! Could I do this? Please say yes

Unknown said...

Tell Dani that any homemade gift girl is invited to my next birthday, and Abigail's and Sophia's and Bella's :)

Yo Mama said...

Being the homemade gift girl rules. Although I can't say I've ever succeeded in that way, I'm proud to know a girl that does. Cute stuff.

Lori said...

Awesome. That is so hysterical coming out of her mouth. Dani quacks me up.