Katniss Doll


Dani made this doll for her friend, Erin.  totally all by herself.

I know.  She's awesome.


Terry said...

Dani! You have completely captured the essence of Katniss. You are awesome!

Lori said...

(from Josh:) that is so cool! I can't believe you made it, Dani! It is truly amazing.

(from me:) I agree.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Did Dani really make that without any of her mom's help? LOL It looks a lot like signature Cally.


ShEiLa said...

darling doll Dani!


cally said...

She totally made it, Ali. She kept telling me she was going to make Erin a Katniss doll and I kept telling her she didn't have time and that was a bigger project than she thought and she needed to think of something simpler. So she disappeared one afternoon and came down at dinner time with this doll!! I had absolutely no influence. Actually, I take that back, I had a negative influence trying to convince her she couldn't do it. bad mom.

Whatever she thinks up in her head, she does.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. this could be the coolest doll i've ever seen. your daughter is amazing. loving your blog!!!