Andy's Dinosaur Party

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Andy wanted a dinosaur party this year, and he wanted to do the menu by himself. He's awesome. However, he asked for a REAL cake this year! Uh...I do doughnut cakes, son, which consists of stacking Krispy Kremes on a plate, maybe your forgot.

Enter Sam's Club.  Real live cakes may not be my domestic forte, but easy and efficient are.  In fact, you could say when it comes to all things low effort, I'm a pro.  Self proclaimed.  So I bought a chocolate cake from Sam's and stuck an awesome T-Rex on top. Voila! Dinosaur Cake!!

I bought jars from the dollar store, glued a dino on top and filled them with gumballs, a rocky bouncy ball, Pop Rocks, and a geode for their "thanks for coming" gift.
And for the activity? to the park!! They searched for hidden dinosaur skeletons on the way home, and all were pre-historically happy and well fed.

I love simplicity.

And I love Andy.



Ramona from Sam's Club said...

Cally, what a creative party! I love all your themed details, down to the T-Rex eating a candle off the cake. I hope Andy enjoyed his special day. Thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club. – Ramona from Sam’s Club

wendy said...

Andy is a doll for sure...such a guy !!!!!
Good party. I always did "simple" too when my kids were little.
I just was not that creative with parties.

Matt LOVED dinosaurs and has a whole collection of them which will be handed down to Collin.

Francolope said...

Cally, I just found your blog. I LOVE that cake! Could you tell me where to get that giant T-Rex? I must have it!
Thank you!