Girls Camp Crafts - FishTail Bracelets

I was trying to think of one more bracelet we could do and started fiddling around with embroidery floss and braids.  Regular 3 strand braided bracelets were cool, but not different.  And I knew a lot of girls would like to learn how to fishtail braid, so there it was.

These took a LONG time though.  After about an hour of watching the girls I realized it would go a lot faster if you used 2-3 strands at a time.  So I began making them with 12-14 strands instead of 6-8, and I used 3 strands of the same color to cross over instead of 1 shown in the tutorial.  The result was a very cool, chunky, and much quicker version.  BUT because there were so many strands the knots were very chunky and hard to wear as a bracelet.  So we made much faster thick and chunky FishTail Key chains, too.  I didn't get any pictures though, sorry.  Too busy craftin'.

Figuring how to organize the thread was tricky.  I ended up cutting all the 1 yard strands myself and wrapping them around a clothespin so the girls could just unravel one strand at a time.  This worked pretty well, but I realized quickly that there is no real organized way to do anything with 100 girls and embroidery floss.  So it just ended up as a free for all with the floss all over the place.  Which is okay if they're okay.  I guess.

It was hard for me to walk away on that one.

Here's the tutorial:



Click HERE for another tutorial on Fishtail Bracelets I found, from Oh So Pretty.


*katie said...

Super cute! Thanks for the tutorial :)

ShEiLa said...

Very cool! I likey alot!!


Jose said...

i just made one, i love it