I'm in Canada, eh?

We drove.
and stopped in some pretty awesome places.





Of course, I'll post more pictures.


Anna said...

I was just at Mt. rushmore last weekend! :)

chris said...

Oh, so fun. I'm still giggling over the superhero photo.

Katina Angola said...

Thats Funny... I just saw Connon at church...Did he not go with yall?

cally said...

Conan flew home when we got to Great Falls Montana...he couldn't come the whole way. Something about a job. blah.

ShEiLa said...

Canada eh? I will be there in a couple weeks. Lucky you! Lucky us!

Enjoy the cool summer breezes and the smells of fresh hay in the fields.


Meg said...

As a Canadian...I must urge you to stop using eh!! That's our word...get your own; using eh in the wrong context is very wrong!! We only use eh at the end of a statement or question and using it otherwise it just plain wrong. I think you need a lesson in Canadian talk...lol!!

Hannah Stevenson said...

Now I think that first picture is the epitome of the word Vacation (or psyche ward ;)
Looks like a wonderful time so far!

Emma said...

Wow!!! fun can't wait to see you!!!

mandi said...

wow! what fun!
i love you in your goggles! haha! people underestimate the damage from smokey camp fires on a daily basis.

; )

corrie said...

Miss that fresh Canadian air! Miss you, too.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

--sigh--The Motherland. Enjoy. Kudos to you for taking on such a trip!

mer said...

looks like so much fun! miss you guys.