We're trying to sell our house, you know, so we cleared everything out.
The armoire in the living room was supposed
to go to Grandma's, but it's so heavy we couldn't move it alone.
And so it sits.

The beautiful clubhouse making kind of empty.

Dani quickly dubbed it her space, and filled it with personal effects.


It's strange to start doing dishes and hear the faint music of
a Nintendo DS coming from who knows where.

Oh yes. The empty armoire.
Turned awesome clubhouse.


Chris said...

Everyone needs a secret hideout. I love that this one is apartment style.

The Paisley Abbey said...

That is so cute!

ShEiLa said...

creative for sure.

love that you caught the moment with your camera.


Alice Wills Gold said...

It's funny how they like to have their personal space thing. I wonder if it's because they are more needing that because they are the oldest or if it's part of the age. Abigail is the same way.

SO so cute.

Emma said...

I love that you let her play in it!!!

You are such a fun mom.

Jennifer Dawn said...

Oh Dani! How I miss her creativity and enthusiasm!

Olivia said...

So true.. I leave the cabinet under our bathroom sink empty for secret hideout purposes only. :)

mandi said...

awesome! that is a great idea! that only a kid could think of ; )

i think i'll ditch our tv and turn ours into one too!

Katina Angola said...

I think every kid had an awesome place to go.

Amber said...

Hey! We have one of these in our home, too. Except, the armoire is not empty beforehand; my son dumps everything out of it, then climbs on in...dragging cats along...then insisting I close them all in. :) Fun times! :)