We walked down the road to see the neighbors chickens.
All the kids got to keep a souvenir egg,
which they were real excited about.
Some more so than others.

After we'd been home for about negative 2 minutes
Andy walks up to me with a little smile on his face.
He says, "Mom, I found a nice comfy pillow
and I sat on my egg. But it didn't hatch."

no. no it didn't.


mindy said...

thats the cutest thing ever. andy needs this to read years down the road!!! awesome

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Sad! How did you explain what DID come out of it?!

jill s said...

haha! that's so awesome!

p.s. i LOVE that first picture.

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

That is so funny. Asher was at my mom's little farm and saw a giant fresh cow pattie. He went on to inform us that, "Asher step in the poo!" At least he warned us, though he said it as he actually did it; so the forewarning was pointless:)

Hannah Stevenson said...

OK that is beyond adorable. So sweet (and funny).

ShEiLa said...

this is such a sad story...
especially for the egg.


Katina Angola said...

that poor egg.....and pillow