ruffle baby legs tutorial.


Kacie is totally into socks. She puts on 2 or 3 pairs at once. She has baby legs under her jeans, on her arms, over her stripey socks, and ankle socks over her baby legs. She'll put on as many pairs as she can. AND she manages to fit 8 pairs of "pwincess pannies" over her little rear, too. She is quite padded these days.

So I added ruffles to her life. Because ruffles make everything better. I say.

Here's a new idea for your baby legs:







OR, you can do the same thing on top of a pair of socks.





I love her not-so-baby legs.

Especially with ruffles.


miranda said...

Darling! I love your tutorials! Thanks!!

~adelle said...

The socks are cute, but your model blows them out of the water. She is so darling. Baby legs are the best (even if they aren't so baby anymore.)

Anna said...

Oh I love this! Thanks for sharing. My oldest daughter is obsessed with socks!

Stacie said...

Love these too!!! So stinkin' CuTe!

Lori said...

What the...? Where did you get that sweet new chair?
Supla-cute socks/baby legs too!!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

These are so great! Um...do you think my boys would get picked on if I tried it?

ShEiLa said...

I still love your creativity Miss Cally.


Lauren -HCP said...

So stinkin'cute! love it!

Emma said...

Wow your baby is all grown up!!

Love the socks. Wish I sowed and wish I had a sowing machine!!

jill s said...

you are so freaking awesome.
i'm going to attempt to make some today!

mary said...

This is so, so awesome! I want a little girl so I can make these for her. Now!!

Posting on Kirtsy, too! :)

David and Jaclyn said...

That is what I call cute! I can't wait to make a whole bunch!

Barry said...

CUTE photos Cally. I wish I had a "little" girl to wear those.

wendy said...

Ok, dang, that comment above --bear ---ah, that's me . I hadn't logged Barry out of my computer. DUH

jill s said...

made my first pair this morning. and sage is IN LOVE with them.
i'll post pictures on my blog in a bit!

emerson keeps telling me i need to make him some boy socks now...any ideas? lol

mandi said...

look at that girl all wrapped up in mama-made! love it!

Unknown said...

so many daughters, s little time.

Jenny said...

what a wonderful idea! thank you! i'm curious, did you make the dress she's wearing? i'd love to know where you found either the pattern or the dress.

cally said...

I did Jenny. I wish I had a pattern for you but I'm not that organized when I sew. Maybe next year I can put together a tutorial.


Courtney said...

First of all, this child is adorable. Second of all, I love these so much I kind of want to make a pair for myself, too!

Thank you for the tutorial!

Merry Christmas.

Oh No She DIDN'T! said...

Hi, I LOVE these. I just made a bunch of them today. I used knit fabric for the ruffles instead of t-shirts, but Thank you for the wonderful idea!

עינת said...

i LOVE the idea!!! im gonna adopt it sooon!

Laura said...

You have one cute little model there!!! I love the idea of sprucing up socks like that. Great tute! I love those little black shoes too :)

Jessie said...

I just found your blog, and I love it!! I make handmade stuff like headbands and bags and I sell them. Thanks for giving me these ideas!!

Momarabbit said...

The baby legs are sweet but that dress is beautiful. What great items you make. We have several girls and I would love to make them such beautiful clothes. Maybe you'll find time (haha, I understand life gets busy)to post directions on making her gorgeous dress!

craftysandra.blogspot.com said...

I love the socks. But that dress is simple and adorable. What material is it and do you have a tutorial for it.

cally said...

Thanks Sandra, I don't have a tutorial for the dress. Maybe I should think about that. It's made out of Cream Kona Cotton, though. My favorite.

Jones Morris said...

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