Allow me to reminisce...

I am so deep into Red and Green and cookies and presents, I didn't post any Thanksgiving pictures. I was anxious to get on with it, I suppose.

It seems oh so long ago we were eating turkey {twice}, but yet like yesterday.

First we went to the Cruze's and ate way too much delicious food I didn't get a good picture of {without Scott's face in the way}; and then we took my new camera out to get some shots of the cousins. It was really cold, but I got some good ones I think.






And then I rushed home to check on my turkey that had been cooking for 3 hours with an orange, garlic bulb, cinnamon sticks, half an onion, fresh rosemary sprigs and sage for good luck stuffed inside its crowded body. My sister Corrie came up from Alabama with her family and we had another yummy Thanksgiving dinner. With the placemats I finished that morning. Again, no pictures. I was too excited my turkey didn't destroy all that was good and lovely.

The next day we were off to the park for some baseball and fun.




Corrie and I went to the mall that night. I haven't been to the mall in ages, and I actually cried in the Gap. I love the Gap. We sat on the comfy couch in Pottery Barn for longer than we should have and then went to Olive Garden for some bottomless Chicken Gnocchi soup. Heavenly.

Saturday we ate leftovers, played games {Conan beat Brian in Caylus. We will remember for always}, took the troops to the Museum of Art and had some good races in the Worlds Fair Ampitheater.

Sunday we ate leftovers and they went home. Then I ate leftovers and proceeded with my non-pneumonia Get-In-The-Christmas-Spirit parade that has continued to run through the halls of my home with gusto.

Goodbye Thanksgiving. I'm thankful you're done.

No offense.


Anna said...

your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

ScrapinFunatic said...

what beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

Denton, TX

ShEiLa said...

Beautiful post.

I am glad Thanksgiving is over too. WE did two turkey-days here. One for Tony's Mom who was at our house and missed Canadian Thanksgiving... and we had US Thanksgiving as planned with all our kids. I too am glad its over.

Delightful photos!


corrie said...

Those pictures did turn out great. Who is that foxy lady?

Your turkey was delish. good food. good food.

Donna said...

Your sister is beautiful! I can't believe how big Koa is! I remember when he was a rolly polly baby!

tjtaylor said...

What new camera? What did you get? You are already pro with it. I hope you are going to frame that photo of Corrie and give it to Brian for Christmas.