party queen strikes again.

My sister Cassy is the Party Momma of the Milennium.

Jonny Knight (actual middle name, not just a party name. The name came before the party) turned 3 while they were visiting my parents in Canada. And there was born the perfect party for a knight.

They decorated their own swords and shields, and went on a quest to find the treasure, stolen from the black dragon Firetooth. Gettin clues and fighting foes along the way.

After slaying the dragon (daddy), they were each knighted, and given their treasures.

And then they ate cake! Uh, yeah, that's a cake.

The pictures don't do it justice this time folks. You've got to go read it. Seriously. Get inspired.
Her kids will treasure their birthdays for as long as they live.


ShEiLa said...

looks perfect.
i bet the kids and adults loved it.


Donna said...

With her party, and cake decorating skills, and your sewing, and craftiness. You two can take over the world!

corrie said...

You two can take over the world and I'll call everyone on their birthdays and tell them all about amazing Civil War battles! Cassy knows how to throw a party!

trublubyu said...

i don't believe i have seen a cuter little momma than you in a long time!

love your blog- and i think we should be friends...unless you don't think so. in that case, who's been typing comments on your blog under my username?!?

Emma said...

She is pretty great!! so fun!!!

Sharstin said...

What a fun mom.. and party!