oil cloth birthday sack.

Remember here, I talked about making oil cloth lunch sacks? Well we did, and I haven't posted any pictures yet because the kids take them to school every day...so they're not here for me to take pictures of.

But I do have a picture of this one. We made one for Dani's friend Jaycee on her birthday.

I tried Martha's instructions for the bag at first, but it was a little wonky, so I used this one from Skip to My Lou. So much easier. I'll post a tutorial with the velcro and "embellishments" when I can get a picture of the other bags. For sure. No worries.

We filled it with easy goodies.
First, a cute little coral top from Marshalls, tied up with string.
Then scrunchies, and a pin to put on her new top or on her school bag.

I tried to find a simple scrunchie tutorial for you, but I couldn't. So I'll try and do that, too.

I'm so excited to show you how to make these bags. They are so easy and they turn out so great! I will try to hurry!


Emma said...

I love it, do you every stop?

ShEiLa said...

cally just keeps on going like the energizer bunny. Ü

Cute sacks Cally!


Donna said...

That is the coolest gift ever! This is going do sound dumb, but is oil cloth, that material they make picnic tablecloths with? I wanted to try to make one for Jada but I didn't know what it was.

cally said...

It's a little thicker than tablecloth fabric; but you can definitely do a tablecloth with it. Go to fabric.com and search oil cloth. You'll find it there on clearance for $7 a yard. Free shipping for over $35.

Rita said...

So darn cute. What a great gift!

Donna said...

Niice. I'm going to check it out. I'm totally linking your post to my blog, because I think its totally cute, and the kids haven't gone back to school here. Maybe some moms will be inspired beyond the brown sack bag...

Unknown said...

i'm inspired. just not past the prebought lunch boxes.

it's all good though, we've got a soccer one, a caterpillar one and a hello kitty.

very cute cally. i know what my kids will be getting if we have any b-day parties this year...there was a lot of that oilcloth leftover. :)