i'm on mermag this week.

I feel flattered. I love mermag. I'm a little inadequate to be mingling with such a beautiful design blog. Target is about where my practical design wanna-be-ness begins, and ends. ANd etsy. And Dutch Valley Antiques. And the whispers in my brain telling me to put a green pillow there. I just try to copy Merrilee.

I wish she could dress me every morning. LIke send over a quick email with detailed sketches of what to pull out of my closet for the day. And the clothes would just be there, like fashion magic. With green shoes. I want some green shoes.

Merrilee has graciously invited me to share some of my good things with her readers this week. I'm excited. Thanks, Mer.

And for those of you clicking over...THANKS for coming! You're officially invited to loiter a while, and read a healthy handful of ramblings and brain squirts from a busy and happy lady with cute kids who makes too much stuff and keeps things on a blog; and who gets weepy over beautiful, creative things. Like her kids. And some other materialistic stuff. Really, they keep me up at night. The kids and the pretty things.

Actually, you better go ahead and pour yourself some sparkling apple cider and hang out. We can talk about which Tuesday Mourning sketch we want to be. I'm Meg #8. With this coat becaue I want it. I mean, I appreciate it.

And as for my group of faithful friends and validators...read mermag this week and forever. Unite.

I talk too much. Look how long this post is. I could've just said I'm guest blogging on mer mag this week. Hooray, I'm so happy. I love you Merrilee. Save the elves.

But no. I choose to ramble.
The end.


ShEiLa said...

You little [guest blogger] you.
Congrats! wha-Hoo! Good for YOU!!

Yo Mama said...

I'm over the moon for you! Congrats and well deserved. you're hot snot now! (to those of you who don't know my humor, "hot snot" is a gradeschool compliment.")

wendy said...

I love the coat ---an and I think I would be the girl on the book "This Place has not Atmostphere" You could be a Meg #8,but you are much prettier.

Mia said...

So exciting! I will check it out.

mer said...

totally approve of the green shoes :).