holiday cards.

I love cool Holiday cards. I want to send myself a bunch of colorful, vintage and retro looking cards so I can line them up in a cool frame and add them to my Christmas decor.

But really. Lets. Face. Facts.

I'm not organized enough to send cards. Before I think about self addressed stamped envelopes, I should probably start with sending sweet sugar plum sentiments to my beloved family and friends, complete with a dolled up family photo which will never be taken. But the address hunting thing isn't in my future.

So have some holiday greetings using the great gift of technology. Send e-cards, and call it world peace.

If you'd like to e-share this volkswagen & wiener dog (designed for Heather and Rosco, I mean Rico) greeting with your book club or your virtual blogging buddies, send me an email. I can put your own clever greeting on it, (or you can do it yourself on picnik) and send it to you via email attachment. Or just click and copy it. Then you can use our wonderful web resources, like snapfish, to create some personalized holiday cards. For yourself. And frame them.

I would love to but I'm not promising to post more designs I've got stuck in my head. Maybe. Possibly. If the to-do list complies.

Happy December.



thanks for the links to those awesome websites!!!

ShEiLa said...

Have them send you a sample card kit... then frame those! That is what I would do.

wendy said...

Your drawing are awesome. I agree, christmas cards are a daunting task.

Mia said...

I would really love to get my Christmas cards out this year, but I see the time quickly slipping by!

corrie said...

Did you honestly draw that? That rocks. envious of your many talents. xoxoxoox

Becky said...

That's adorable!