i love this advent calendar.

Found it on the purl bee.

I'm gonna make it.
Next year.
Although, I don't think I'll put scissors in it.

What do you put in an advent calendar for 5 kids? They'll all fight over the one melted hershey kiss that could fit in the pocket. Or the one green m&m. Or the penny. That will just be eaten.


But it sure is pretty.


corrie said...

It is pretty. put in pieces of paper with chores on it. Suprise! Today you get to clean windows! Or slips of paper with what treat or activity you will do with them...
Or you could just let them eat the pennies.

Anonymous said...

This is sure a pretty advent.

We do a story advent that the kiddos love.

ShEiLa said...

I love it too!
I have fond memories of our family advent calendar while growing up. My Grandma Charma gave it to us... In December whomever said the family prayer could take the surprise out of the pocket and place it on or under the tree on the calendar. December was the one month we always said family prayer without fail.

wendy said...

Corrie had some good ideas there. I was going to say put in sedatives -you know how kids get hyer at Christmas!!

Mia said...

You could put q-tips in there which my kids love and fight over ;)

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

5 dum-dums. In every pocket. If you're feelin' saucy, you could switch to the mini tootsie-pops occasionally.

Or I also REALLY like Corrie's suggestion. Although I don't know if Kacie will really get into that one.

Anonymous said...

oh thats to much work i just buy a calender all done with the chocolate inside one for each kid only 2 bucks

KateKwiltz said...

Just make bigger pockets! :)