anna maria horner and Good Folks.

I'm in an unhealthy kind of love with Anna Maria Horner's unreleased new line of fabric. Good Folks. I've only seen the sneak peaks on her blog, but it's making me light headed and all woozy and I kind of want to throw up.

Seriously. I'm painting a room blue, and framing good folks all over a wall.

It's controlling my thoughts. And the '09 Cruze budget plans.


ShEiLa said...

Maybe you need to establish a button for contributions to your cause... I am in support of your plans to paint & decorate.

andrea said...

WELL then...I have a present for you! Don't get too excited! But email me your address asap!

ps. seriously don't get excited. It's not fabric. Like I said, only curiosity is allowed.

Anonymous said...

great idea we must see picturs when your done