spreading the good word. FREE. snapfish book, compliments of Oprah.

Go here.

Read the details, and click on Get Your Free Book.

Then follow the directions on snapfish.com.

You have until midnight Friday to redeem the Oprah coupon, and until Sunday night to make your book. You still pay shipping and handling. But big whoop.



Katy Beth said...

Love it! Thanks!

I'm guessing you know about shutterfly's awsome free stuff too?

Btw, I really need to get you to tell me how to make the cute labels for the lists of blogs & sites. I've got to do something about my page. The list of Friends & Family is taking over!

a wynn wynn situation said...



looks cool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cally Ive ordered mine already. That is very cute.

Also, what photo editing program do you use. Your pictures are always very cute.

Teresa Johnson said...

I did order a book and got mine last week! I LOVE IT!!! It's so cute...however, it better be since it took me like forever to put it together. Thanks for letting me know about it. Good luck on the whole house cleaning thing...it took 8 years to get this done once! Maybe being pregnant helped a little! ;o)