the little birdie who told me so.

I wish I had a nice juicy secret to go along with the pic. But I don't.

Wait, uh...nope. nothin'.

Anyone have a secret I could borrow?


Yo Mama said...

I ate 2/3 carton of ice cream in one 10 minute sitting on Saturday night because I was nervous about speaking at Stake Conference. The secret's out. Way Out. I'm an emotional eater.

Yo Mama said...

ARe you giving away that pic? Drawing? Competition? I'll trade you something. I'll make up a dance for your blog? Anything. He's too cute. He belongs with me. We're meant for each other. He had me at "Is thing on?"

cally said...

It's on katie.

You dance, and the birdie's yours. In all his gossipy glory.

Get your groove on.

cally said...

I'm an emotional eater, too.

Ben & Jerry make me weep.

With pure and utter joy.

ShEiLa said...

juicy secret?
nope, i don't have one either.
wish i did.
cause i would spill it.
unless it was one of those secrets that I was told not to tell anyone.
then i just couldn't tell you.
gee i wish i had something...

wendy said...

A secret--------hmm, I remember listening on grandma Wrights party line --back in the day---and listening to all the gossip in Beazer. Was fun.

wendy said...

Oh, one more thing --- your and your dad should write childrens stories, you could do the drawings. SERIOUS

Wonder Woman said...

I love VH1's reality shows.

It's a dirty little secret, eh?

Crystal Copeland said...

Where do you come up with this stuff? Inner child? haha! It's great!!! Oh, and the song you like on my blog is the Mcdonald's mcrib song!

Beeswax said...

I don't think I have a secret. I'm an open book.

Oh wait. I do have a secret. It is a secret about a book.

I just read this "sequel" to Pride and Prejudice that is pretty embarrassing called "Mr. Darcy's Daughters". THen, I might have read 3 more of them, all in a row, and forgot to wash my hair. But at least I didn't read one called "Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife." Because my sister said that she started it, and sure enough, Mr. Darcy took his wife. There was no detail of the wife-taking left to the imagination, apparently. So I guess my books aren't SO bad.

I am LoW said...

(I'm addicted to the REAL House Wife's of Atlanta and I pick NeNe over the blond chick)

Seriously, don't tell anyone. What an embarassing show to be caught watching!

Donna said...

we're moving, but i guess thats not a secret everyone knows that