happy weekend to me.

i'm going here.

with my sister.

i mean, her.

to see my other sister's cool green condo.

and eat this for dinner.


and try on cool clothes I can't afford and maybe even poof my hair and hold a neat metal thing for pictures


and go to a conference to learn about

because my one sister has struggled with the concept.

I won't tell you which one. grinch.

(and I got a cool new cell phone to take with me. Because I am so with the times. I'll call you.)

and I have to admit, I'm going to miss this.

call me crazy.



Donna said...

You oinker, I would give anything to eat some cheesecake factory!! Maybe even a left kidney. I hope you have fun! What kind of phone did you get?

Becky said...

Have a fun weekend!!!

AMBER said...

Oh that sound like so much fun I want to come too. Enjoy your self and your sister bonding time. That is always so much FUN!!

cally said...

donna...i'll eat a piece of laleche cheesecake for you.

and i got a Red phone that takes real live pictures and makes cool noises.

And are you really moving?

wendy said...

I wanna be there --LOVE cheescake and I wanna see Music City --I bet they'd want me to sing for them. have the bestest time (I will be tending emma's girls all weekend)

Wonder Woman said...

love your story telling. It sounds like it might be the best weekend EVER! Enjoy it and build up lots of estrogen to take home with you. ('Cuz it's a girly weekend. Not 'cuz I want you to get cancer.)

Seriously, I hope you have a marvelous time. And don't worry they'll be kids crying when you get back. You won't miss all the fun.

I am LoW said...

SO jealous you get anything Godiva!

Mia said...

Have a blast this weekend. Girl time, shopping at the Anth, and eating at the Cheesecake Factory sounds like a darn near perfect weekend to me!

Rita said...

Sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Hope you're having a fantastic time Cally!

Tristan said...

have fun!!


wow! i am jealous in a major kind of way!!

Donna said...

Yes Cally we are moving to NY