i think i'm staring at a gnat...but there's so much involved in a name.

I learned that gnat cliche yesterday and it's totally possible I got it completely wrong but hopefully you know what I mean.

I'm thinking of changing the name of this self indulging bloggyliciousness (oh, lame word, I'm full of it today) to cally co. Because I kinda like it, Alyssa.

Opinions? because I lack confidence and can't make decisions. Does it sound a little less narcissistic, or more? LIke the co. part makes it less about me and includes, uh, the company? But cally is really obviously my name...calico is just a play on it using the fabric thing and hodgepodge definition it implies...if I had an actual real live company where people loved me and would pay for my name, that's totally okay and valid, but I don't, I just like to pretend. So many things to consider. False impressions to avoid.

Oh brother, let's be honest. It is about me not really the company. A selfish fix. I guess I could call it moist nougat (random gross words I hate) and it wouldn't change the fact that it's a blog all about me and how wonderful I wish I was. We're being honest. People would just be grossed out by the nasty visual.

And just so you'll feel more comfortable being honest with your opinions, I'll share something even more revealing....

I don't really like the vampire stuff.

But I support you.

Now I feel all vulnerable.

I suppose if I'm really trying to not be so self centered, I should get off the blog named after myself and spend some quality time with my to-do list, and play with the kids for real.

You can make it anonymous if you feel bad with your honest self.
I'm not easily offended. So spill it.

I tried to love Edward; I really did at first, but things went so awry between us.


ShEiLa said...

Cally Co. is cute too.

You just might want to change it up. No doubt in my mind... right now people have taken note of calico creations. I don't think the whole company thing is that far off in the future all you have to want to do is make it happen.
You may want to consider labeling your product... like a big company...using your name.

I always thought calico. had something to do with the material...which is a plain cotton cloth with a pattern on one side.
So I thought is applied to you.

Something plain... changed into something dazzling with your calico patterns or designs.


ps. i keep thinking i must read the Twilight series... not really that excited about the vampire idea either.

Unknown said...

In this instance, change is bad.

I like calico so much better...and if you change, you are messing with your brand name.

But, do what you want.

If it makes it any more influential, I tried to like the vampire stuff too, but just couldn't either!

Unknown said...

Not into vampires either. I have no interst in the Twilight books. But hooray for those who do. I like Calico better than cally co. Maybe if you do turn it into a company(which I hope you do)maybe you could incorporate both somehow.

corrie said...

moist nougat? Gross cally

Wonder Woman said...

I called you Cally Co because I didn't want people to think I was talking about the fabric. Didn't go much beyond that. And I like how it sounds.

You could do what I did - just change your username. I like Calico as your brand name. And it might be too late to change. If you decided to have a separate blog for your business, you could use the different names.

I like the vampire stuff. I'm not in love with Edward personally, but he and Bella belong together. Totally got addicted to the books. Off them now and back to blogging.

I promise I will NOT be offended if nothing changes. I'll still be your friend. I LOVE having a crafty friend who's so clever in her story-telling.

Mia said...

I am a little slow on the uptake, but that is just me.

Now I totally get Cally Co. = Callico and I LOVE IT!! That is my 2 cents.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

When my sister saw that was the name of your blog, that's how she interpreted it: Cally Company. She thought it was very witty and whimsical all at the same time, what with the spelling as Calico... I think you should keep it. I like it. :)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm sad. I only just read the first book this weekend. And only because my mom had me pick up her copy at the library, and I thought, "one chapter, what the hey?" And I had already made up my mind to like it. You know, to be cool. Now you've ruined it. At any rate, I admit, I enjoyed the teen romance part much more than the vampire stuff. It's been a long time since I remembered being 16 and having a crush on the cutest guy in school. Now I know the truth. Why he didn't like me. He was a vampire all along. They all were. Until I met Casey, of course. But it's awfully convenient someone so accident prone would fall in love with a vampire. Most of us avoid shards of glass more easily. But I definitely like Stephenie Meyer. She seems normal. Like someone I would sit with at a RS potluck. I am happy for her success. Not many authors can write interesting romance novels without the yuck, from what I hear. So it's gotta take some imagination. And the romance part would get old without...something. Why not vampires? Afterall, it is a book written for teenagers. But say what you will about vampires. It's your blog, and I don't have one to voice my opinion, so I'll shut it.

Oh yeah, I love Calico. Don't change it. And you are wonderful. Much more than you think! So don't say that!

mer said...

I agree with Alice. Calico is darling, charming, and so Cally. And yes, you sort of already have a name/brand for yourself girl. If you start designing fabric I say go with your real name, otherwise, what you have is simple and perfect.

Ree said...

My vote is to keep Calico. I've always loved the wordplay/double meaning.