hi hunny. it's been a pretty good day.

When you left this morning, I was hurling superlatives at anthropods (okay. I mean expletives. No, I don't. I mean Bad things). I just wanted to drop you a note and share our day...we're sunshine and ponies over here.

I was voting on JOn's future, when the quiet freaked me out.

First I found this.

Then this.

Then them. Under your desk.

I asked Kacie some thought provoking questions...

gave her a sponge bath
while Joey contemplated agency.

We learned the value of work.

ANdy got jealous, and wanted a picture of himself in a crazy hat.

I made some adjustments,

then noticed blue and green specks of torture on the carpet.

Joey, on the chair, Andy on the couch, Kacie...don't move.
Which lead to major tantrum 'cause Joey's in the wrong place.

Time out. for vehemently defending his wrong place.

And Kacie decided it was a great time to play in the sweep pile.

So I Baracaded.

They made the best of imprisonment and played puzzles.
Okay, so we put this one to bed
and make some fudge pie.

Then come to play on picnik because I can do this.

And remembered I forgot to lock Dani's door.

And...I hate to take the sprinkles off this cupcake...but I just paid $4.79 a gallon because this city's out of gas. What the gas crisis?

I sure love you.
And them.
You looked hot this morning.
Tonight, we eat pie.


Wonder Woman said...

I am silently giggling a letting out little burst of laughter right now. As I go to comment, I let out a little, "Ohh," and Spiderman says, "Mom, no crying." =D

Am I a horrible friend for laughing at your crazy day? Thanks for taking pictures and documenting this for us. Sometimes it's REALLY good to know there are other kids like mine out there. I'm glad you made fudge pie. YOU DESERVE IT.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

WOW. I can't believe you got all of that in photographs. I would have been having a severe meltdown by photo 2. Or 1. Yeah, probably -1. Kudos. Those pictures are CLASSIC! I need to do this one day so that my husband can really appreciate why I am frazzled by the time he comes home...

Unknown said...

everywhere is out of gas. We went to fill up at 6 this morning when we heard about the gas crisis.Of course the gas station had signs everywhere saying limit per person was 40.00.Nice. Luckily we got there in time to only pay 3.99 though. By 7 they were out of gas.Craziness.now there is no gas anywhere.
Hilarious about the sprinkle mess. When my kids were little they painted all the (white) kitchen cabinet doors with ketchup. And on a seperate occasion did it with chocolate pudding too.Megan did grow up to be quite the artist.

Mia said...

I am impressed with the story in photographs too. I love that you can find the humor in a stressful situation. Our gas went up 25 cents a gallon since yesterday. Enjoy the pie!

ShEiLa said...

There is never a dull moment at your house. I have seen a few other kids on blogs that have the same instincts for messes that yours do. However, I would rather clean up sprinkles than 50 lbs of
tile grout and a bag of flour.

I guess kids just want to be the highlight of our days... they just need to distinguish positive vs negative highlights... right?

Out of Gas? Gotta love America & the days before the election. Hurricanes & price gouging go hand in hand... should be against the law.


Unknown said...

Um yeah.....I sure hope you really did enjoy some pie WITHOUT sprinkles.

And, I am not taking the time to do two word verfications....and I AM TICKED THAT I DIDN'T WIN THAT BAG!!!!!

And c'mon, you had to be rooting for LG. He wanted it for his office...think how much business he could have drummed up...every attorney in town would have been dying for one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, here is Knoxville, we are out too. It was about $4.69 at last check, yesterday. I dont even want to see today.

Your kids are so cute. Its hard to not laugh. I would have flipped. Im too uptight. LOL

Becky said...

Wow...you were productive--and so were your kids. Thanks for letting me see a true day of mommyhood. I'll continue taking notes...

Katina Angola said...

That was really funny. It makes me wonder if I will handle being a mom of 5 with such grace

Rita said...

LOVE the sprinkles on the face pics. They are so priceless. Your house is so much more exciting than mine....mine is just loud all the time...(not a good thing....)

Love your story telling Cally.

Wonder Woman said...

Just came back to wander around and ended up looking at your shop....girl, I am impressed. Your bags are too cute for words. I can see why shop's closed for a while - you obviously stay busy between those sweet kids and sewing.

---I just love being your bloggy friend.---

andrea said...

Those two are quite the pair aren't they? They are super cute? How old are they? They look close to my son's age. Although he is unfortunate enough to not have a partner in crime. His sister is determined to keep him out of trouble. I said, "Who is his mommy? You or me?" she said, "you....AND me!"
So your two must have a ball with Lydia!!! Ha ha, just the thought makes me giggle

La Memster said...

Ur so awesome & cute Cally! I luv u!!! lol....