the winner is....and the reek.

picked randomly from a big green bucket...

This girl's hilarious. Go read her blog, none of your beeswax, and laugh your tail off. Just a few tidbits...she loves the red stuff, uses smart words I have to look up, can make crickets endearing, and I think she has the ape index like my sister Cassy, but I can't say that for sure...we'd have to measure.
Shoot me an email beeswax, and I'll get your address and if you want anything embroidered on the bag. May I recommend something like...stop lookin' at my bag and check out my designer dungarees. That's catchy.
I wish I could make something for everyone; I feel bad when your sweet comments don't win. But I can't sew all day. Well, I could, but that wouldn't be prudent. My house would stink.
OH MAN...which reminds me of an unfortunate aromatic encounter. I think I'll share.
There I was, checking out some awesome green chairs on craiglist, when I smelled the 80's. It was a gradual, but a mighty reek. Like a wraith.
In one sudden jolt I knocked the chair to the floor and ran to the epicenter of destruction, my bathroom.
And there they were. Jovially spritzing the stench of poofy bangs and tightroll jeans ALL OVER MY HOUSE! One following the other, humming and giggling. My 2/3 full bottle of Giorgio Red was now 1/3 full, and infused into every fiber of my home's being. I bought that bottle seriously before highschool, and now I was being pounded with church dances and first dates. Aromatically tortured.
So we walked around with the blowdryer and paper fans, airing out the headache. It's only subtle now. Now it just reminds me of courting Conan, so I like it. I might buy some Drakkar and spill it on my pillow.
I may try to do another giveaway next week. That was too fun. You guys come out of hiding when I dangle something for free in your faces. It's enjoyable. Any suggestions?
I have to admit I was pullin' for Trenton. Sorry Buzz.


Unknown said...

I'm just going to keep right on entering your giveaways until I win. I need a really super cute bag for church to carry all my music and stuff. Need a bag. A calico bag. One like none other.I'm hooked.

Lindsey Rose said...

I am a little disappointed, but I never really had a chance anyway, I am really unlucky. Anyway, that perfume cracks me up. it is amazing what smells can do to you. I walked into the store the other day and a guy was wearing the same cologne my jr. high boyfriend wore. It took me right back! That is so funny!

Becky said...

Trent will be glad to know that his sacrifice of sleep wasn't COMPLETELY in vain, just mostly. I'm going (and will wake him up if needed) to try for the next one!

ShEiLa said...

congrats to 'beeswax'... wish it was me, but glad for you.

it's all about the 'luck of the draw' and with all the comment entries... the odds weren't good.

Cally you should feel loved...
your creations are worth fighting for. (well we don't actually fight)


Wonder Woman said...

I'm ready to fight. Bring it on, Beeswax. I may be half your height but I'm not afraid to fight dirty.

Just kidding.....I suppose.....I'm not really willing to travel to Phoenix for a rumble. And I will also owe Beeswax a debt of gratitude: she brought me to you. =D

I think that your next giveaway should not be so highly publicized. But I understand the draw....comments are addicting. You'd do almost anything for more.

Tracy Mulliner said...

way to go Beez! maybe next time i'll be a "beez'...LOL

Beeswax said...

Holy Moley. Can't believe it! I am so excited. I don't know what I want on there, I have never been asked what I want on my bag before. Is too much pressure. Your idea is good, but will it fit?

I like being called Beez, Spacey T. Sort of like the Beav on Leave it to Beaver. Maybe I will start referring to myself in the third person as Beez, and it will catch on?

Rita said...

Congrats to beeswax!!!