Caramel deserved it, really.

Red wants you to think she's passionate, but she's not really. SHe's just confident. Not really mad, just urked that her super-hero boyfriend Blue sometimes flirts with Orange on accident. Because ORange is hot, but humble.

But not really. Orange kinda knows she's awesome. She gets along with everyone, in a quirky way. LIke Green. They're secret buds, just a little. Green loves Yellow too much to really admit he's enamoured with Orange. Green and Yellow...we're talking Most Likely to Be Together Forever Yearbook pic thing. Brangelina stuff. Very popular.

Because Green is grounded, you know? He knows what's up, for real. And Yellow has it figured out, too. They compliment eachother. That's why Green was so attracted to Yellow in the front row, stuck between cocky Pink who talked too much. Yellow didn't care if she was picked for the sun or not. A don't worry be happy sort of gal. And Green would never go for Orange for real because of Chartreuse. A blended blessing.

Purple is the jealous type. He likes Yellow, but lacks confidence. He just watches the love affair, and colors romance novels. He thought Red was exciting, but they clashed.

Brown hates Purple. Brown's the mafia. Purple is innocent and naive and ripped off Brown during the Purple Ponies and Rainbows Era, not on purpose, but Brown has a grudge. A mafia grudge. Danger.

So Black looks out for Purple. THey're not real friends, but Black is a defender of all that's good and worth defending. A silent surprise. He likes to act tough.

Black and White go together, cause Michael Jackson said so. Shamon.

OKay, I'd like to talk about Grey for a minute. I mean Gray. He hates that, SEriously, decide already how you feel about him. He's just kinda there, pleasing the masses. A filler. Pulled between Black and White, not really belonging with either. Black likes working out with Grey or Gray. Squats. White just likes hanging out with him for dimension. She's on the fence. The non-commital type. The alluring slow motion hair blowing with a beach backdrop kind of aloof-ness. Let's Be Friend's is tatooed under her label.

Silver is addicted to White. Gray's cousin from the Hills.

Once, Silver threw a party for Gold, and White didn't show. Silver gave her all sorts of excuses, but she was really just shopping with Pink.

Brown got mad 'cause White bumped off his brother Caramel, so he told PInk she couldn't hang out with White anymore, or else.

It's all a bit dramatic, really.

Indigo and Violet are running for City Council. To clean up the streets.

Pink is missing. Black bought a castle and hired a butler.

Orange told Red she's pretentious, and Blue is meeting Brown by the docks.

That's how I see it, anyways.

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ShEiLa said...

You know those stories kids tell... to divert the flame?(that is what we call it at our house) Like if they did something wrong but they point out something someone else did to take the attention off of themselves in fear of being caught.
I can be easily confused...(maybe that is why this diversion technique worked so many times)
and I am still trying to absorb this... off to read it again.

Unknown said...

Cally, this is good. Love it. Colorful story.

Wonder Woman said...

I thought Purple and Green were tight. And pink does NOT talk too much!! She's just mad that everyone keeps replacing her! "Orange is the new pink." "Black's the new pink." I mean, seriously, give her some love. She went through a serious depression in the 90s and has only been in recovery for a few years. And is usually seen in darker tones now.

I see her hanging out with Brown Mafia ALL THE TIME. Those two are pretty serious. Pink may be in over her head. I'd like to see her hanging out with Green and Yellow and Apple. She'd fit in quite nicely there, with no scary mafia affiliations.

--loved this. Good luck. I obviously have some strong feelings for pink that may require further probing....

ShEiLa said...

[wonder woman]
loved your comment!
how true, how true.

Mia said...

Oh my goodness this was great! I love your writing.

Beeswax said...

What about blue? Blue is my favorite.

Now, as I read it, I felt a little off kilter, like I wasn't 100 percent getting it. Which is fun, like when you take dramamine. Only not sleepy.


cally said...

oh beez, Blue is like the master behind it all.

See, he loves Red because they're like giesha betrothed...and he's so good and loyal, he's the hero.

But he's got this thing for Orange, ever since JOhn Elway, so that's why he's "meeting" with Brown.

It throws a whole In the Conservatory with the Candlestick kind of vibe, which is where it gets exciting.

It's all about Blue.

But White is really behind it all.

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Very good Cally! I vote for you.:)

Unknown said...

So obviously I'm red. And I am sure that I inspired your story with all that fake passion. :)

And, I guess you don't want to claim a color...just talk about everybody else?


cally said...

oh no alice, I'm peach.

a wynn wynn situation said...

wow! i LOVED it

Scribbit said...

Funny and clever--it's got me wondering what I am.

Natalie said...

I loved this. It's like a kid story for grown ups. Just a little escape to force me to remember that I have an imagination and I should use it more often.

Lindsey Rose said...

This is awesome! i love how dramatic it was, like a soap opera!

highdeekay said...

This is awesome. When I was a kid (not the mature grown up I am now) I used to spend hours rearranging the crayons in my box so that each color was with the color it loved. I was traumatized if my mom ever bought me one of those jumbo packs because it just complicated the whole social scene (like when the new freshmen join the singles ward). We must be kindred spirits Cally!

AMBER said...

You are a true blue drama queen and I enjoy you very much your creativity and zest for life and all YOu are so one of my Hero's Luv ya babe!!

Child Family said...

I always thought that orange was insecure, blue was the quiet, kind type, and green was always rolling her eyes at yellow's over-the-top optimism and indigo's tendency to lie compulsively for attention. pink has a sugar addiction, and a disgustingly dainty sneeze that makes red cringe. red's mad. always mad. and purple is so right-brained that he has misplaced periwinkle's car seat.... again. sigh. not good, purple.

Our sisterhood goes deeper than blood, gir'. there's something in our heads. have you thought much about silverware? we must collaborate.
you're genius.
i'm so proud.

cally said...


firstly, green is so a boy.

secondly, silverware is a delicious topic. Spoon is a hottie, but cute fun. Fork is Colin Farrel. Funky hair, spunky, but loves deeply. Knife, Richard Gere.

Spoon is young and sticks with wildy. But she always reaches across the plate. PRetty Woman thing.

She gets mad when Colin gets the peas.

Knife is insanely jealous of chicken noodle.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Popping over from Scribbit (my first time here) and I have to tell you that I LOVED this post. Although I must say that, despite your protests to the contrary, Blue (my favorite color) got the shaft. I've always thought that Blue was the one who could change his personality on a dime - going from calm and collected to absolute psycho status on a dime - just like the wind or the waves.