felt barrettes; i can't decide.

Check out these felt barrettes by Angry Chicken. I love the look of them, but haven't decided if I'd actually put them in my kids hair. Like, people will look at my daughter and say "her mom is totally trying to be trendy." Because they're cool, but don't really match the scruffy muffin faced need to wipe their noses kinda look I'm going for.

I'm on the fence with them.

No worries. Too girly for Dani and Kacie would eat them. So I can just look at the cool picture.


Lori said...

I have that exact same post bookmarked. My hesitation is in the photos of the barrettes on girls' heads...I think they look too disproportionately huge.

ShEiLa said...

you could make oodles at the Olympics... did you se how many of those plain metal clips that all the gymnastics girls were wearing.