life is cleaning up a bowl of cherries.

Does anyone know how to get a cherry juice extravaganza out of carpet? And clothing? And flat paint? And microfiber?

I fired my entourage of cleaning supplies. They are no good to me.

Never leave a bowl of jubilee unattended.



corrie said...

My favorite is Joe Campanelli's Stain Remover. I ordered it off www.cleaners.tv
I have extra if you want to wait till you visit.
Have you tried white vinegar?

Rita said...

I am not an expert on Oxy Clean -- but people tell me it works wonders. (or has Oxy Clean received a pink slip along with your other cleaners??) ;)

Good luck!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I am so sorry!

One time Natalie emptied an entire container of Vaseline all over her, the carpet, her clothes (both on her and in the dresser, which she had already emptied), her hair...everywhere. I went on a rampage and got rid of every jar of vaseline in the whole house, vowing I would never buy it again.

A few weeks later, sweet Natalie smeared my lipstick all over my couch, her clothes, etc. My favorite cleaning tip book said to use...yep, Vaseline to get rid of the lipstick stains. That book is no longer my favorite! =)

Good luck with the cherries!!!

Unknown said...

got nothing for you..sorry..I even looked in my queen of clean book..did you google it...surely you did.

Yo Mama said...

lemon juice

cally said...

all right. i used bleach for the clothes. good. rubbing alchohol on the carpet. good. oxyclean on the microfiber. good. and i could've figured this out but lemon juice is also a flat paint remover. nuts.

anyone want to come have a satin finish paint party?

Laura said...

lucky for you I love to paint. but believe it or not, ir you use a little of dawn dish soap and water it will usualy do the trick. dawn can be quite lethal!