white glove it, till it sings

Me and E-Brack would stay up to greet the sun white glovein' the apartment, jammin' to the tunes of M.J. and DJ Jazzy Jeff. That's when a guy (yeah, a guy) taught me to use newspaper to clean the windows. And I learned you can't clean without the tunes.

I give you...the white glove mix.

...that i can't get to load on the post. So it's on the sidebar.

Happy cleaning.

Or just dance.


Natalie said...

Ooh...that is good stuff! Who's Ebrack?

Cherstin said...

Well we just had a dance off with your music, right here in the office. I was playing the music and the kids one by one came in and started getting down with their BAD selves. It was fun and it lasted for about 2 hours. I was wondering how I was going to entertain them before bed! Thanks for the help Cally! Oh, and i am so going to use this the next time i clean, or have another dance party, which ever comes first.

Mia said...

Love it, peppy and happy!

cally said...

Ebrack is my roomie from Ricks. Emily Ercanbrack, actually. We lost touch when she moved to Colorado...maybe facebook is in order?