for sheri.

These poor girls, they've been through so much. Nip 'n' tuck, embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, hangovers...uh...wha?...nooooo...fray glue has nasty fumes. It has to have had an affect on them.

Now I will admit I did consume quite of bit of ginger ale whilst deciding upon which color ribbon would bring out their eyes. Their, black, eyes. And it took a few oreos to work out accentuating their positives...you know, like low rider jeans with back pocket flaps camoflauge the lack of round tushy. Meaning flat. What Not to Wear, TLC. I'm giving away my personal flaws. TMI.

Really, they were fun. Thanks, Sheri.

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Sheri said...

They are adorable. Thanks so much for making them. Now I have to decide which one I'm keeping and which one I'm giving away :-).