the OK book

uh...it's awesome. I picked this one up off amazon, after browsing a bit. I just got it in the mail today, and I love it. Love. It.

If you go now, it's on sale for $5.99. I paid $12.99, not sure how I missed that.

It's an awesome lesson for kids, and adults, by Amy Krouse, with very simple, but lovely, illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld. It is fantastic for the perfectionist child, and adult, of which I am familiar.

The world is just full of things to do.
And it's fun to give them all a go.
But what if you're not good at everything you try?
What if you're just OK?
What then?

We're spending a little extra time with the book tonight.

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The Coatney's said...

oh, this looks wonderful. For some wierd reason my computer won't let me shop from Amazon. It's very frustrating. I'll have to see what the price is at Barnes and Noble and then have a little cry. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE good books, love, love, love good books.