6 Little Behavior Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

I needed some...help...and found this article recently on Parents.com. Interesting.

According to the author, Pamela Kramer, here are 6 behaviors you should pay more attention to:
  1. Interrupting
  2. Playing Too Rough
  3. Pretending Not to Hear You
  4. Helping Himself to a Treat
  5. Having a Little Attitude
  6. Exaggerating the Truth

She gives reasons why you shouldn't ignore them, and ideas for how to stop the behavior. Seems a little obvious, but good advice.

My problem is consistency. I do really good for a couple days, once I'm on a crusade for something. Then I forget, or I'm too tired, etc. My kids know it, and they exploit it.

They're good kids, but yeah, I have to ask more than once. Duh.

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Unknown said...

And, it is good that you aren't consistent because if they couldn't exploit you, you wouldn't have such a great pic and post. :)