sweet tunes

my brother jd just introduced me to some sweet tunes in the form of jose gonzalez.

you are listening to him right now.

as i told jd in my reply email of gratitude...i'd like to shut myself in the water closet with my earphones and memorize lyrics tonight.

check out
itunes. become a believer.


Ryan said...

Hi Cally! I'm one of Lori's friends from college and I love your site! You definitely inspire me to use my artistic talents more. I like hearing your tunes, too. Just a word of warning, you may want to take Vampire Weekend's "Oxford Comma" off your playlist. It has a word in it that I'm pretty sure you don't want playing on your blog! :)

cally said...

whoa whoa whoa! Thank you stahlemobile...i loved that song. Just goes to show how much time i really spend memorizing lyrics...none. obviously.

any other nasties anyone needs to tell me about?

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

I'm loving the music on your blog and I've been listening to it all morning... does that mean I'm camping out here? Your site meter probably shows a Tennessee address logged on your site for HOURS.. LOL