i feel especially evil today.

I wasn't feeling very good a while back; when I mentioned just that to Dani..."I don't feel very good"...she replied, "Are you feeling evil?" Why yes, yes I am.

I have a headache. Which I suppose is why I could only pretend spend $214.14 on Alexander Henry fabric today. My achey breaky brain just couldn't take any more add to carts. Here are some of my favorites...

bird seed



very berry

My headache has had an unusual affect on the reasoning lobe, and in a moment of weakness i pretend bought this duvet comforter i love, but feel pretend bad putting it on my pretend king size bed because this headache has left me unable to convince myself it's not too girly for conan. it's not...too girly...is it? It's called Woodland, from Pottery Barn. "Woodland" is manly, right?


Yo Mama said...

"Too Girly" says Noah.

cally said...

Noah doesn't count.