hey sweetheart,

You really don't have to get me anything for Valentine's Day, because your undying love and devotion is quite sufficient.

However, should you choose to declare your love in an ... hmm ... accessorizing kind of way, any of these will do:


ShEiLa said...

Your little not so subtle hints are quite cute. Love the jewelry... it's dainty and cute.


~adelle said...

Can you forward that to my sweetheart please? I have been DYING for a locket. Maybe I will just leave your blog up for a few days so he can "happen upon" them...

mandi said...

Oh! Those are so pretty! I especially like that last one.

Are you guys still unplugged over there? If so, how is that going?

Enjoying the kale chips? Thanks for the linky love! I was wondering why I was getting all these hits from your site.

cally said...

Totally unplugged Mandi. The kids are doing great...I had a few "leave me alone" moments over the weekend where I sure missed Donald Duck. But it's going really well.

I love the kale chips. I eat them all day.