I don't really even want to talk about it.

Okay I will.


So what if Jacob never really left the island on his little trips, he really existed in both places...as will Jack. Everyone will die off {but still exist in alter world}, except Jack and Locke. And they'll be the new Jacob and Smokie. forever. the end.

Except I'm not sure what's going to happen with Desmond's island match making in the alter world.

where the whooey is rose? Bernard totally knew what was going on in his little dentist office, didn't he.

And really Jack, don't you know better than to let a crazy man hand you a backpack? duh.


juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

I literally cried for Sun and Jin. I haven't cried over a tv show ever. They finally found each other...And I wanted Jack and Kate to end up together but that is not going to happen now...and yeah that is one sneaky dentist (I can say that since my husband is a dentist).

Christina said...

i'm so ticked.

first the lame reunion with the distraction of the pylons.

and now they're gone?!

did i mention i'm SO ticked?

Renee said...

WHY why why do the Koreans have to die!!!!?

Wonder Woman said...

I thought, "Why is Jack putting on Locke's backpack? It has the C4." At least Sayid was able to redeem himself.

But I was maddest about Sun and Jin not mentioning their child. It would've taken the romance and tragedy out of his sacrifice, but I thought it was TERRIBLY inconsistent with the story.

And I didn't get to see the whole thing since I was battling children and a husband who wouldn't get off the couch for fear of missing any of it. I need to watch it all again.

the mama monster said...

booooooooo. i was sad about sun and jin, but even more sad for sayid. just when he broke out of sombie sayid mode too... and i agree, no mention of little kwon? what the heck?! was i the only one who didn't see the c4 backpack coming? my husband said as soon as they got on " the sub is going to blow up" . but then again i miss alot of things.

Kristen said...

I can't wait till next week's! A smokie and Jacob episode! oh my! oh MY!

breezylucia said...

agree, lame reunion and lame that they killed sun and jin.

AND where is Ben?!

the mama monster said...

prepare to have your mind hurt amd spend way to much time on the computer...


Kari said...

Was traveling last week and missed it. Just caught up. Very sad.

But I'm loving your theory on Jack and Locke and forever with no one really dying, just falling in love. And Jack with a mission. It's making me get over the sad.

I did see it coming--hello, JJ, a little lingering "here, let me hand you your backpack" footage. And still, I was biting my nails--hate underwater plans gone awry, drowning. Chills.

Does it feel like it's a little closer to getting done? All of a sudden, one episode, and I can start to see some wrap up coming. Relieved and sad about that as well.

Emili said...

I just caught up watching this episode and the new one from tonight. I'm so impressed with your theory cause I think its right on.

I have so much to say about this episode! Hurry, give us your thoughts so I can share mine too. :) And see all the little details I missed of course.

I'm thus assuming that anyone Jacob specifically "touched" is immune to the man in black. That's the only rhyme and reason that I can think of as to why he can kill anyone but them.