We went to the park this morning. Unknowing they had turned on the fountains. The kids played nicely on the playground, following an apologetic request from mom for them to stay where it was dry. They did fabulously, and even came to the car on the first request when it was time to go.

However. Since we've been home, Joey has used every strategy he can think of to go back to the park with the water. A million of these: "Mom. I wanna go back to da park dat had da water." "I know sweetheart. Not today, sorry." "Pwease can we go to da park with da water?" "No Joey. Not today."

So he threatened he would go on his own if I didn't give him a ride.

He told me he'd never let me make cookies again if I didn't take him.

He said he'd never eat bean soup in his life if I didn't say yes.

And then he thought of it. He'd draw on himself. Because if he was covered in x's, I'd HAVE to take him to the park with the water.

"If I can't go to da park with da water, I'm going to have these marks on my body forever. And that will make you sad."

seems logical. smart dude.

we're not going.

tomorrow is a difficult concept for a kid.

ps. I heard him tell Andy the x's on his body were all the places people couldn't hit him. Andy said, "that doesn't make much sense." And Joey said, "yes it does. because mom won't dwop me off at da water."
makes perfect sense, really.


chris said...

Time really is a difficult concept. Sometimes I'm not sure that I understand it myself. My favorite question from my four year old is, "Is this tomorrow or is it today?" It's hard to give a satisfactory answer that he can understand.

Amanda Joy Petersen said...

We had to break Asher of the whole sleep on the couch by the Christmas tree...four months after we had taken it down type of thing. (yea shame on us, you can't protect a couch like you can a bed when you are trying to potty train)
We told him if he slept in his big boy bed for fourteen tomorrows we would take him to the car wash (ahh the things that bring joy to a 2 1/2 year olds heart) We counted down until the big day and he seemed to grasp it okay. Staying in his bed after the fourteen days? Not so much. Good luck and hopefully a sibling doesn't try to show him that the x really doesn't protect him.:)

mandi said...

i love how he's already suited up in his trunks, ready to go!

levi- my 3 year old - asks me "is it tomorrow?" on a regular basis.

Emma said...

Smart kid!!

Unknown said...

My little artist once drew black permanent marker tiger stripes all over his belly and arms and legs. Just because it seemed like a good idea at the time. It did look pretty cool. At least Joey had a strong theory to back up his plan!

The conversation between your two boys sounds eerily familiar too. Why do brothers insist on torturing each other!?

Amber said...

Haha! Cracks me up...my son is getting super close to that stage. We went on a boat ride just the other day, and now he's obsessed with going to see grandma and grandpa so we can ride grandpa's boat. He's just about constantly asking. I'm soooo looking forward to how far he'll go. I hope it is only as far as drawing Xs on his body! How cute! Too funny. Gotta love kids!...and da water!