something I need to remember.


Sometimes I feel like there's so much to do
I might as well just not do any of it
because it won't all get done anyways.
you know?
Then I just turn lazy and eat too much.
I always tell myself:
you'll be able to do that better if the living room is clean.
that will be more effective if you get that project done first.
you should read, but the laundry room stinks.
you need inspiration, but it's too loud for that now.
you can be better, and you will be, probably later.

I read a talk once
about personal revelation
by Boyd K Packer.

He said to begin where you are.
I loved that.
I thought about it a lot
and have it in my book of things to remember.

Begin where you are.
Don't wait for the right moment
or the easy moment.

If it needs to get done,
do it.
where you are.

be better now.
change your life now.
waiting for an assurance of success will only stop you.
begin where you are.

i like that a lot.
so I put it on a mug.


corrie said...

Good one. I did today. I mopped the floor. finally. because where I was standing made cereal and things stick to the bottom of my feet.


Unknown said...

I like that you put it on your mug. I keep little words to remember in my notebook too, and often wonder how to surround myself in them better. Love your blog as always!

Anna said...

i love this. I think so much of the blog world is not the real world we all live in. Stick in there and just keep doing what you do!

mindy said...

oh i love this. i love boyd k packer. begin where you are. i think i'll write that down. or put it as the background on the computer so i see it often.

as for your post below... your son is SO funny & creative. :)

Amber said...

That could have totally been me writing the first part of this blog entry. Great idea for a quote on a mug. I'm hoping that little phrase will ring in my head often. Now...to find the perfect place for it in my home...! ;)

chris said...

Thank you.

marymary said...

I relate to this so much.

Unknown said...

Love this! I am guilty of not taking time for myself because I always have other 'stuff' that I think needs to get done. I always say "once the house is spotless I will allow myself to sew or read or whatever". But really....with 4 kids my house never reaches that spotless point and then I never get to do whatever it is I was wanting to do.

Thanks for the reminder!

mandi said...


when i start getting overwhelmed with what comes next on the list, i really have to focus to finish what is at hand and not just throw in the towel and run outside to commune with my tomatoes.

Sarahie said...

Thank you. I needed to hear/read that tonight. I may have to hang that, or some kind of similar inspiration, somewhere in my home.

Leah said...

VEry cool, I love it cause its so true. Great picture too. (Just found your blog and am loving it!)

kristincita said...

I have a mantra: start where you are, use what you have, do what you can