a simple wish list...

folksy flannels - anna maria horner

Does that help, sweetheart?
just click the picture to the link, and buy.
go ahead.
...are you clicking?
you're not clicking.
that's okay.
I have everything I need.
I just want to savor your love and affection
for Christmas.
and gift cards.
click already.


mandi said...

hahaha!!! very good!

love that flannel fabric. i dream of cuddling up under a quilt made out of that...

and those books!

cally said...

exactly what I'm going for, Mandi. A beautiful blanket to wear and good music I can sing to while I crochet or dream of making real clothes or color intricately.

And I need chocolates, too, I think.

And a maid. Or just a dustbuster.