diy doily canvas bag by ashley ann photography.

Check out her tutorial for this fantastic and easy teacher gift idea.

I love it.

Her blog is good stuff.


mandi said...

oh. oh! that is super cute!

can i just say, that as a former teacher, that gift would have rocked my socks?

let me tell you which gift did not rock my socks. the XL t-shirt that had a screen printed chalkboard on it that said "teaching is a work of heart".

cupcake studio said...

Wow! What an awesome blog! Happy Holidays!

Crystal Copeland said...

Wow, I really like this one!

Still waiting on your bag tutorial................ :)

Anna said...

okay you have to stop! That bag and her blog are amazing. One more thing I must try. Thanks for sharing

Somer said...

I love that bag.

Ashley Ann said...

Oh! Thanks for the link! I love your blog...it is full of so many beautiful things! Those placemats are now on my Christmas list gift idea - can't wait to make them. Super cute!