cyndi's bag i'd like to keep.

I'd like to take her out. Show her the town.

The bag.

Although I'm sure Cyndi's fun, too.


jenifer said...

this bag is SO cute!! you do a great job on ruffles, seriously you should ask your bernina dealer about an attachment foot- the ruffler. it is expensive, but i use it 10 times a day and thank the lord everytime i do... you will NEVER have to pin or pull a bobbin thread again... LOVE the BAG!!

ShEiLa said...

cute bag.
make sure when you get ready to send out tracy's that you post it... or maybe she will??? I am sure I will see it on one of m trips to Mesquite.

Cherstin said...

I really like the fabric on this one! So cute!

Natalie said...

That one is amazing. Are those flowers hard?

cally said...

Nat, the flowers are easy. If you make a standard ruffle, pull your bobbin thread real tight, then your ruffle kinda naturally curls up into a flower shape. You play with it, press it, and make it look the way you want it, then sew the bottom closed with a couple stitches, making sure to go all the way through each layer of the ruffle. Very fun.

Rita said...

This bag is beautiful Cally! I LOVE the fabrics you used!