i'm a winner, really.

You're looking at...well...imagine you're looking at an honest to goodness winner of something. Yes. I won. Something. sweet.

I am happy to announce, I was very carefully selected among a number of highly esteemed entries to win sewmamasew's Free Fabric Friday blog giveaway. They do this on Friday's...uh. This is a very prestigous award, and I am honored to be included.

It's a random drawing. I got lucky. I won a Flutterby Charm pack by Moda fabrics!

Go ahead, click here. That's my name. Truly, I wouldn't joke about something this serious. Me. A true winner. That's right.


The Coatney's said...

Congratulations Cally! You are truly a winner. You deserve it after all the hard work you put into the contest. Very cool prize.

Mia said...

Yeah hurray!!! That is very exciting!

mer said...

fun stuff. this is the same fabric i used to make my little craft night clutch. very fun.