shop confusion, project ideas

So I've spent all morning working on my Walton Feed order (food storage); lots of food equals lots of money. Ugh.

Figured that out, so I started trying to sort out the ambiguities of this whole shop thing. I'm sorry if you're confused. So am I. It started out just as a little idea to organize requests of friends, and friends of friends; and of course I can't do anything a little bit. I didn't expect anyone to pay much attention...but duh. I've got to be organized.

I've added sizes to most items. And I'm working on fabric choices. Right now it's just what I know I've got available to me, and I'll post those by the end of the day, hopefully. Time will allow me to buy a replenishable supply that will make it a lot easier to pick specifically what you want. Ooh, I'm excited about that. I also need a new sewing machine, and a serger. Yikes. lots of wants equals lots of money. At least I'll have food storage, eh?

I don't admit to knowing entirely what I'm doing. I promise it will be good quality stuff...I just need your help to figure out the good quality technical part. I've reached maximum brain capacity trying to figure out pricing, sizing, delivery of goods, fair representation, and so on. Please let me know if you see something wonky. I'm on a learning curve here.
Now for the fun part of my brain. I've got a load of projects building up in here, and they're going to explode. I took 2 trips to Hobby Lobby.
I bought these...

I'll show you what they turn into. Oh cute village people or something.

And Dani and I bought embroidery hoops...

He's still just an idea; not complete. He has so many possibilities, and a girlfriend, for the empty spots between the windows in Kacie's room.

And while I was washing the puke sheets from Friday, I came upon the shirt my sister Cassy made for Andy a couple years ago, which is too small for Andy, which cannot be passed down, which I need to immortalize, so we came up with this goody...

He preferred to be called "Little Andy Boy" in his youth. The years have matured him, and now he likes to refer to himself as "Andy Man" on occasion. I have a few more tee-shirts to hunt down to add to the new pillow obsession. It's amazing what kids can do with a bag of stuffing.

I've got 50 hundred other ideas trying to find their way. I've got to let go. Move on to more realistic duties.

Okay, this post is way too long. I'm off to do the budget, kill the ants, feed the kids, change the kids, take pictures of fabric, use my secret magic stash to conjure up some diapers, ant killer, and the post office would be nice. Pick up the other kids, figure out what to make for dinner, vaccum, empty garbages, all stages of laundry (desperation), finish a quiet book, learn how to make a sidebar picture a link, look for a place to order good tee-shirts to embroider, make a quick stop at designmom, and put a stop to the super long post. Eventually I'd like to go to bed. My favorite.


Unknown said...

K seriously, after our conversation of the phone, I did not need you to send any MORE stress my way! Golly!

Love the little embroidery guy and Andy's pillow.

I was SO CUNFUSED by the Walton food Order. I have dumped that in Faye's lap for now....it's all about delegation. Can't you let the kids kill the ants? :)

Lori said...

Cally, Julie called again today and she'd noticed the size descriptions but she couldn't find your email anywhere so she could order her bag(s). I sent it to her, but you know...that might be helpful information for the general public so they can order stuff.

ShEiLa said...

I love your BLOG...I love your craftiness...I love your bags... I will e.mail you tomorrow to ask the designer some questions. Thanks for sharing your talents. YOU seem like you are a busy woman, I don't know how you do it all.
Sheila, NV
ps- I HATE ANTS!!!

cally said...

my email is on the sidebar, but I'll put it in the posts, too. thanks lori.